ELECTRIC ENCOUNTER are thoroughly enjoying the blissful happiness which the completion of their first album brings with it. «After all, it did take quite some time. It all started with a simple question – Would you? And we said "yes we do" – yes to a lot of work, metaphorically speaking: to pour concrete floors, hug squeaky staircases, and work donnishly on every detail both programming and wordplays. Often, emotions and reason found themselves in a seething conflict.Our intention was to keep the atmosphere of our programmed music at a self-sustained level. That being said, the combination of atmosphere and the character of wordplays often made it difficult to complete the initiate stream of thought: Sometimes it seemed like the elegy of a dropped final scene. Nevertheless, we pulled through. Thanks you, dear listeners for giving us your support and thereby the strength to create all these rather weird appearing ominous musical objects.»

A fine mixture of dark ambient electronic sound fragments in combination wirth poetical prosa oratio that we've created betrween 2008 and 2011. Get some examples on our media site.

ELECTRIC ENCOUNTER is Antonio «Tonong» di Giuseppe and Nathalie Gacond.